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Influence of the democracy process in Myanmar on China-Myanmar relations check Full Text
龔蕾 Chen, Ding Ding 2016. Master
Investigation on phylogeny and neuroprotective activity of analgesic Chinese medicinal herbs check Full Text
黨元野 王一濤 2014. Doctoral
Instagram 之使用與孤獨感, 生活滿意度及自尊心之間的關係 check Full Text
胡偉健 Mak, Chi Kuan 2019. Master
Investigando fansubbing de língua portuguesa na China na perspectiva dos estudos de tradução check Full Text
祁悅 姚京明 2017. Master
Investigation of laterally loaded pile in sands using DEM
汪東 Lok, Man Hoi 2012. Master
In search of resilience in learning variables mediating the effects of ESCS on mathematical literacy performance of adolescents in Macao : through the lens of PISA 2012 / by Ieong, Man Kai. check Full Text
楊文佳 張國祥 2015. Doctoral
Immunomodulatory activity of polysaccharides from garlic and Chinese yam check Full Text
李敏 李紹平 2017. Master
Independent directors and firm extreme risk : empirical evidence check Full Text
張靜 Wu, Feng 2012. Master
Institutional selection in traditional Chinese medicine industrial chain upgrading : based on the view of evolutionary economics theory and empirical research on geographical indication check Full Text
劉京京, 王一濤 2015. Doctoral
Investor sentiment and the cross-sectional returns : evidence from Chinese stock market check Full Text
Zou, Li Jing So, Man Shing 2015. Master
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