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Data mining with bio-inspired optimization algorithms check Full Text
Tang, Rui Fong, Chi Chiu 2013. Master
Dynamic group optimization algorithm and its applications check Full Text
Tang, Rui Fong, Chi Chiu 2019. Doctoral
Development, modeling, and nanopositioning control of piezo-actuated compliant mechanisms with large strok
Tang, Hui, Li, Yang Min 2014. Doctoral
Determination of nucleosides, nucleobases and amino acids in natural and cultured Cordyceps using HPLC-DAD-ELSD
Tan, Miao 李紹平 2012. Master
Development of cyano structures for optical and chiroptical sensing check Full Text
Tan, Jing Yun Zhang, Xuan Jun 2019. Doctoral
Design and analysis of an electro-hydro-mechanical variable valve actuator for four-stroke automobile engines check Full Text
Tam, Kuok San Wong, Pak Kin 2011. Master
Da uniao de facto : relevancia juridica para a responsabilidade por dividas
Tam, Hio Kuan Trigo, Manuel Marcelino Escovar 2016. Master
Detection of safety driving based on driver eyes and faces check Full Text
Tai, Keng Iam 2020. Master
Deep low-resource neural machine translation
Sun, Yan Ming Wong, Fai 2023. Master
Dealing with strangers in the house : a study on conflicts between Catholics and Chinese non-believers in the late Ming China check Full Text
Sun, Xu Liang Saldanha Antonio Vasconcelos de 2020. Doctoral
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