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Deciphering the dysregulations in brain and blood of Parkinson’s disease by data integration analysis check Full Text
Wang, Chang Liang Wong, Garry 2020. Doctoral
Deterministic annealing EM algorithm for robust learning of Gaussian mixture models check Full Text
Wang, Bo Yu Wan, Feng 2011. Master
Data mining of chart patterns from massive financial time series check Full Text
Wan, Yu Qing Si, Yain Whar 2019. Doctoral
Design and analysis of a new large-stroke compliant micro-positioning stage check Full Text
Wan, Si Cong Xu, Qing Song 2015. Master
Digital microfluidics for DNA amplification and detection
Wan, Liang Jia, Yanwei 2022. Doctoral
Determinants of compulsive buying in adolescents and young adults in Macao : roles of personality factors and stress check Full Text
Vong, Weng Man Davis, J. Mark 2012. Master
Detecting ECG late potentials using wavelet transform
Vai, Mang I Zhou, Li Gao 2002. Doctoral
Development of environmental information system for Macau
U, Wa Tang 2001. Master
Defining social media and its time displacement effect on Macao netizens' traditional media use and offline sociability
U, Ka Kit 張榮顯 2011. Master
Disenchantment revisited : schooling of Tibetan students in Northwest China
Tong, Li Qin 周憶粟 2023. Doctoral
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