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incidence of budgetary slack : three-way interaction in the Macao hotel industry check Full Text
Aguiar, Yuing Guing Ahchi Silva Yuen, Chun Yip 2003 Master
A influência linguístico-cultural na aquisição de linguagem : características do bi-multilinguismo em uma comunidade brasileira na China /
Akioma Miriam Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2018 Master
Identity and issues of socio-cultural status in the Portuguese community in postcolonial Macau check Full Text
Amaro, Vanessa Fernandes Simpson, Timothy Alan 2016 Doctoral
In search of the origin of four-character structures with er (而) in literary translation from English into Chinese :a descriptive study of A Passage to India check Full Text
An, Shi Mo Wang, Xian 2018 Master
The influence of business intelligence on organizational effectiveness : an empirical study /
Ao Chi Kei Chan, Wing Han 2018 Master
Informal social control in Macau :a discussion of the relationship between geographical features and social bonds check Full Text
Ao Ieong, Sio Iong Zhao, Ruo Hui 2016 Master
Improved dosimetry for targeted radionuclide therapy using non-rigid registration check Full Text
Ao, Chi Ian Mok, Seng Peng 2015 Master
In-vitro studies on the intestinal absorption mechanisms of flavonoids in Herba Epimedii check Full Text
Ao, Hei Sio Zheng, Ying 2008 Master
Impact of corporate governance on market valuation : empirical evidence in China / check Full Text
Au, Hoi Kei 2020. Master
Investigation of the natural smoke exhaust of an atrium by the CFD method check Full Text
Bai, Yang Tam, Lap Mou 2017 Master

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