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Discovery of inhibitors of NEDD8-activating enzyme as a new approach to treat cancer and inflammatory bowel disease check Full Text
Zhong, Hai Jing Leung, Chung Hang 2016 Doctoral
Design of high-speed power-efficient SAR-type ADCs check Full Text
Zhong, Jian Yu U, Seng-Pan 2017 Doctoral
Does Zero Based Budgeting weaken Ratchet Effect of fiscal budget? : a case study of Zhuhai municipal fiscal budget /
Zhou Dian Fan 2019 Master
Design of functional microstructures for flexible sensors towards wearable applications / check Full Text
Zhou, Qian Zhou, Bing Pu 2021. Doctoral
Does customer concentration affect the information content of bank loan announcements? : evidence from China / check Full Text
Zhou, Wen Ya Liu, Ming 2020. Master
Disfluencies in consecutive interpreting : a case study of the interpreting task foreign investment in China / check Full Text
Zhou, Xue Yao Li, Defeng 2021. Master
Determinants of EU's outward FDI to China check Full Text
Zhou, Ying Lei, Chun Kwok 2016 Master
Danshensu protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage of PC12 cells in vitro and dopaminergic neurons in zebrafish check Full Text
Zhou, Zhong Yan Lee, MingYuen 2013 Master
Development of MOF-Derived materials for energy storage applications / check Full Text
Zhu, Si Qi Hui, Kwun Nam 2021. Doctoral
Design of a novel beam steering network based on butler matrix check Full Text
Zhuang, Wen Yao Choi, Wai Wa 2013 Master

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