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Design and analysis of an XYZ parallel flexure stage

English Abstract

The topic of this thesis is concentrated on design and analysis of an XYZ compliant parallel flexure stage(CPFS). Firstly, in order to meet the requirement of covering the travel range of 200 µm which is larger than majority of biological cells in cell manipulation processing, the two-stacked bridge-type amplifier is developed to overcome the limited output of piezoelectric actuators. In addition, the kinematic analysis for this XYZ CPFS is established. The optimization for the bridge amplifier is conducted as the great necessity of ensuring the range of travel for the micro/nano-positioning stage. Then, the decoupling analysis of the compact flexure hinges(CFH) is carried out by FEA simulation to evaluate the other two axes’ cross motion errors. In addition, the obtained simulation results demonstrate the nice stress performance of the flexure hinges and enough output displacement of the stage. Moreover, a discrete-time sliding mode control scheme with adaptive reference model is devised to achieve a precise positioning of the XYZ stage. The performance and effectiveness of this presented design are verified by several experimental studies. Finally, the conclusions and further work are revealed.

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Zhang, Xiao Zhi


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Electromechanical Engineering




Mechanical engineering

Mechanical movements -- Design and construction

Hinges -- Design and construction


Xu, Qing Song

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