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Discovery of quality markers in Zishen Yutai Pill based on correlation analysis of chemical components and pharmacological activities check Full Text
Wu, Si Jia Li, Peng 2022. Master
Distributed hardware-in-the-loop control strategy for air conditioning systems in frequency regulation
Wu, Tong Zhang, Hong Cai 2023. Master
Death ritual under socialism : reforms and transformation of Chinese funeral, 1949-1966 check Full Text
Wu, Yu Ying 王笛 2018. Master
Design and testing of multi-directional energy harvester with single piezoelectric stack check Full Text
Wu, Ze Hao Xu, Qing Song 2019. Master
Development, actuation and locomotion control of untethered magnetic microrobots for precision treatment
Wu, Ze Hao Xu, Qing Song 2023. Doctoral
Design and implementation of compact micro-/nano-positioning stage driven by piezoelectric actuator check Full Text
Wu, Ze Yi Xu, Qing Song 2018. Master
Design, analysis and experiment of novel compliant micromanipulators with grippers driven by PZT actuators check Full Text
Wu, Zhi Gang Li, Yang Min 2017. Doctoral
Deployment of control mechanisms and headquarters-subsidiary relationships in China multinational corporations : the case of Huawei check Full Text
Xiao, Fei Hong, Jacky 2015. Master
Disney Mulan and Chinese Hua Mulan : a comparison study on Sino-western cultural diversity and similarity check Full Text
Xiao, Ling Yue Tan, See Kam 2015. Master
Development and control of a multi-dimensional micromanipulation system for bio-medical engineering check Full Text
Xiao, Xiao Li, Yang Min 2017. Doctoral
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