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Do Chinese banks benefit from revenue diversification? check Full Text
Iao, Meng Wai Vong, Pou Iu 2020. Master
Drug-related crime among police officers : an implication for Macau police check Full Text
Ieong, Chi Ian Kuo, Shih-Ya 2022. Master
Directivas antecipadas de vontade : um regime existente em Macau?
Iong, Man Teng, Raposo, Vera Lucia 2015. Master
Design of electrode materials for high-performance K-ion batteries check Full Text
Ji, Shun Ping Hui, Kwun Nam 2022. Doctoral
Doctrine of exhaustion of rights and parallel imports : legal issues and challenges in China
Jia, Hang Hang Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal 2005. Master
Design and analysis of a dual-axis monolithic MEMS microgripper check Full Text
Jia, Yu Kun Xu, Qing Song 2014. Master
Design of fully integrated fine-grained switched-capacitor DC-DC topologies in bulk CMOS check Full Text
Jiang, Yang Martins, Rui Paulo 2018. Doctoral
Drugs and crimes among offenders under the influence of drugs in Guangdong, China check Full Text
Jiang, Zhang Zhao, Rao Hui 2020. Master
Digital watermarking methods with robustness and reversibility check Full Text
Jiang, Zi Yu Pun, Chi Man 2018. Master
Diaspora and identity in the Portuguese-speaking community in Macau check Full Text
Johnson, Kim H. Simpson, Timothy Alan 2020. Doctoral

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