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Optimal resource management and computation offloading in wireless edge computing
Li, Yang Wu, Yuan 2023. Doctoral
Optimal resource management for non-orthogonal multiple access assisted federated learning in wireless networks
Song, Yu Xiao Wu, Yuan 2022. Master
Optimal resource management for non-orthogonal multiple access assisted secure mobile edge computing networks
Ji, Guang Yuan Wu, Yuan 2023. Master
Optimal sensor placement for structural health monitoring using a robust information entropy-based approach check Full Text
Hao, Xiao Han Yuen, Ka Veng 2022. Doctoral
Optimization algorithms for the multimodal nonseparable problems check Full Text
Zhang, Geng Li, Yang Min 2017. Doctoral
Optimization and estimation for some stochastic systems check Full Text
Liang, Qi Zhu Ding, Deng 2018. Doctoral
Optimization for strains and culture of Cordyceps and related fungi check Full Text
Wang, Lan Ying, 李紹平 2015. Doctoral
Optimization of automotive engine power performance under numerical and nominal data
Ng, Ka Ian Wong, Pak Kin 2008. Master
Optimization of BNR from wastewater using SBR and A²O processes check Full Text
Guo, Lei Shim, Hojae 2011. Master
Optimization of processes in take-out food delivery service under O2O mode check Full Text
Jiang, Hai Tao Lian, Zhao Tong 2016. Master
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