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The legalization of ad hoc arbitration in Mainland China /
Du Jing Yan 涂廣建, 教授 2019 Master
Legal analysis of propertization of personal data in E-Commerce / check Full Text
Xu, Zhe Xin 杜立 2020. Master
Legal analysis on the genetic privacy protection : a comparative perspective from the United States and the European Union / check Full Text
Zhang, Meng Jia 杜立 2020. Master
Legal issues about egg freezing in US, UK and China / check Full Text
Dai, Fei Raposo, Vera Lúcia 2020. Master
Legitimacy of foreign direct investment activities in the Pearl River Delta check Full Text
Xu, Feng Lu Lam, Long Wai 2005 Master
A leitura na traducao e na pos-edicao :um estudo processual chines-portugues check Full Text
Yao, Di Leal, Ana Luisa Varani 2015 Master
A leitura numa perspectiva discursiva :os efeitos de uma imagem em diferentes sujeitos check Full Text
He, Shan Silva, Ricardo Moutinho Rodrigues da 2015 Master
LEPOR : an augmented machine translation evaluation metric check Full Text
Han, Li Feng Chao, Sam 2014 Master
lexical features in Macao weblogs : the usage of shortening and Chinese romanization check Full Text
Lei, Sok Ling Moody, Andrew Jackson 2014 Master
The liability for damages in traffic accidents caused by autonomous vehicles in the P. R. C. /
Zhang Hua Neuwirth, Rostam J 2019 Master

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