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Low complexity channel estimation for millimeter-wave massive MIMO communication systems check Full Text
Wu, Xian Da Ma, Shao Dan 2021. Doctoral
Low complexity template-model-based motion vector detection for CMOS image sensor check Full Text
Wei, Chuan Qi Law, Man Kay 2020. Master
Low dose interpolated average CT for thoracic PET/CT attenuation correction check Full Text
Sun, Tao Wong, Man Chung 2013. Master
Low loss and dynamic reactive power compensation control algorithms for three-phase four-wire hybrid active power filters check Full Text
Choi, Wai Hei Wong, Man Chung 2012. Master
Low loss microstrip dual-mode bandpass filter design with simultaneous size reduction and spurious response suppression
Fok, Si Weng Tam, Kam Weng 2005. Master
Low noise heart sound acquisition in wearable system for individual-centered CVD diagnosis check Full Text
Tan, Zhen, Vai, Mang I 2017. Master
Low power and low resolution phase domain ADC design for FSK/PSK demodulation check Full Text
Lei, Xue Wei Chan, Chi Hang 2019. Master
Low power binary-search phase domain ADC design for GFSK modulation
Wang, Si Fan Chan, Chi Hang 2023. Master
Low power ECG SAR ADC design and consideration /|cKejin Li. check Full Text
Li, Ke Jin Chan, Chi Hang 2020. Master
Low power high efficiency excess-loop-delay compensation techniques in continuous-time delta-sigma modulators check Full Text
Cai, Chen Yan Sin, Sai-Weng 2013. Master
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