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The image of Chinese state-owned enterprise and the impact on its process of internationalization :a narrative approach check Full Text
Xu, Jian Hong, Jacky 2016 Master
Image segmentation and reconstruction based on graph cuts and texton mask check Full Text
Wu, Qing Hua Wu, Enhua 2007 Master
Image segmentation in video sequences :an approach based on one cut and depth map extraction check Full Text
Yan, Kuan 張立明 2016 Master
Image splicing localization via semi-global network and fully connected conditional random fields check Full Text
Cun, Xiao Dong Pun, Chi Man 2018 Master
Image-based modeling and physically-based design in virtual environment check Full Text
Bin, Sheng Wu, Enhua 2007 Master
Image-building of China : a multimodal study on amateur subtitling of You Will Never Comprehend the Scale of China on Bilibili / check Full Text
Quan, Li Li, Defeng 2021. Master
Image, body and feminine space : constructing modern identity in The Ladies' Journal (1915-1931) /
Geng, Ya Min 王笛 2019. Master
Image forensics and security over online social networks / check Full Text
Sun, Wei Wei Zhou, Jian Tao 2020. Doctoral
A imagem feminina na literatura de Macau :as mulheres na escrita de deolinda da conceição e de Ling Ling check Full Text
Qin, Hui Jing Mata, Inocencia 2017 Master
Imagens de Macau nas decadas de 40-60 do seculo XX em A China Fica ao Lado de Maria Ondina Braga check Full Text
Yang, Nan Gago, Dora Nunes 2016 Master

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