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Digital single market :the accelerator of European integration? check Full Text
Gong, Yi Bo Chen, Xin 2016 Master
Digital watermarking methods with robustness and reversibility check Full Text
Jiang, Zi Yu Pun, Chi Man 2018 Master
The digitalized version of the Macau Daily Times : a description, assessment and evaluation /
Yang Xi Schirato, Tony 2015 Master
Dilatancy of remoulded fine-grained soils check Full Text
Huang, Lian Fang Yuen, Ka Veng 2009 Master
Dimension reduction techniques for color images /
Xiao Xiao Lin Zhou, Yi Cong 2019 Doctoral
Dimension reduction in random feature based k-means clustering /
Sio, Ion Wa Chen, Long 2022. Master
Diophantine equations based cipher for Internet EDI security in Macau check Full Text
Ma, Fei Chun Wang, Ju An 1997 Master
Direct finite element model updating using incomplete modal data inspired from system control check Full Text
Li, Yi Yuan Yuen, Ka Veng 2017 Master
Directivas antecipadas de vontade :um regime existente em Macau? check Full Text
Iong, Man Teng Raposo, Vera Lucia 2015 Master
Direito a privacidade em Macau : proteccao dos dados pessoais /
Cheong Hio Chong Correia, Paula Nunes 2016 Master

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