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Characterizing a novel component of polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1) and the functions of CBX6 in breast cancer check Full Text
Deng, Hou Liang Li, Gang 2018. Doctoral
Characterizing overweight girls on Sina Weibo posts : an automated content analysis
Zhao, Yi Fan Chang, Wen Yu 2022. Master
Characterizing Portuguese foreign policy : a neo-liberal institutional approach check Full Text
Chan, On I Song Weiqing 2018. Master
Charles Dicken's search for an image of ideal women : a case study of Florence Dombey in Dombey and Son
Ma, Ying Wong, Ka Ki 2012. Master
Charting a course for the year 2000 and the century of quality, an empirical study of human resources development in the Macau services sector
Rahmani, Adnan C. 1997. Master
Chay Yew's "Whitelands Trilogy" : the queer hyphen in Asian(-)American identity
Kong, Io Chun Appler, Gilbert Keith 2009. Master
Chelerythrine induces apoptosis in lung cancer cells via a mutual regulation between MLKL and PERK/eIF2α check Full Text
Cao Wen Xiang Lu, Jin Jian 2018. Master
ChemGenerator : 一個用於生成特定靶點潛在配體的網路服務器 check Full Text
侯淩 胡元佳 2021. Master
Chemical analysis of different parts from lotus, a medicinal plant check Full Text
Xiong, Wei 李紹平 2016. Master
Chemical analysis studies on the volatile components of Herba Pogostemonis
Hu, Lin Feng 王一濤 2005. Master
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