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Chemical analysis of different parts from lotus, a medicinal plant check Full Text
Xiong, Wei 李紹平 2016. Master
Chemical analysis studies on the volatile components of Herba Pogostemonis
Hu, Lin Feng 王一濤 2005. Master
Chemical analysis, virtual screening of bioactive ingredients and theropeutic evaluation of Rhodiola species on ulcerative colitis check Full Text
Tao, Hong Xun 王一濤 2021. Doctoral
Chemical and immunological comparison of two Dendrobium devonianum with different appearances check Full Text
Cao, Wen 李紹平 2021. Master
Chemical and pharmacological studies on angiogenesis inhibitors from Salvia miltiorrhiza check Full Text
Li, Peng 王一濤 2008. Doctoral
Chemical aspects of coagulation in water treatment
Kong, Kong Hang 王志石 2000. Master
Chemical comparison and quality control of Rhizoma (Jianghuang) and Radix (Yujin) from curcuma longa L.
Qin, Ning Yi 李紹平 2006. Master
Chemical components and quality control of Rhizoma Curcumae orginated from three species of plants
Yang, Feng Qing 李紹平 2005. Master
Chemical constituents from Thalictrum ramosum check Full Text
Yuan, Cen 張慶文 2014. Master
Chemical constituents from the rhizome of coptis chinensis and their antibacterial activities check Full Text
Meng, Fan Cheng 張慶文 2018. Doctoral
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