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A case study of two annotated translations of Gulliver's Travels check Full Text
Leong, Kam Ieng, Kammy Venkatesan, Hari 2018. Master
A case study of work values and job involvement of the Post-80s in Macao check Full Text
Lei, Chon Kit Kong, Siew Huat 2012. Master
A case study on legal transplant : public participation in Chinese environmental governace
李敏 Mancuso Salvatore 2009. Master
A case study on the images of females in the reality show Now Here Girls : did it empowered or stereotyped females? check Full Text
Wu, You Yi 林玉鳳 2016. Master
A celestial score : the role of Matteo Ricci S.J. in the musical exchange between East and West check Full Text
Ma, Lin Puente-Ballesteros, Beatriz 2016. Master
A children's entertainment-education program in Macau : the case of the "New Generation of Integrity" by CCAC check Full Text
Chang, Hou Ian Li, Ying 2016. Master
A Chinese character system modeling and development
Chen, Xiao Jian Li, Xiao Shan 2013. Master
A Chinese chemistry teacher's practical knowledge in laboratory teaching check Full Text
Liu, Hao 魏冰 2014. Master
A Chinese-English translation project : General Secretary Xi Jinping's growth story check Full Text
Zhou Yuan Hua, Claire 張美芳 2018. Master
A class of unbounded Fourier multipliers on the unit complex ball check Full Text
Lv, Jian Hao Qian, Tao 2016. Master
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