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論澳門行政合同制度 =A study of the system of administrative contract in Macau check Full Text
簡慧妍 邱庭彪 2018 Master
論澳門行政侵權上之過錯責任主義及構成要件 check Full Text
何慶文 劉高龍 2006 Master
論澳門行政司法上訴變更訴訟標的及時限 = A study on time-barred limitation of the change of litigious object of administrative judicial appeal in Macau /
鄭百成 蔣朝陽 2018 Master
論澳門行政主導體制下的行政自制機制 = Discourse on the self-restraint in Administration of the system of executive-led in Macao check Full Text
李江峰 蔣朝陽 2014 Master
論澳門演藝學院的發展 : 從普及走向專業 /
陳青雲 張偉保 2010. Master
論澳門預防及遏止私營部門賄賂法及其完善 check Full Text
梁國豪 趙國強 2011 Master
論澳門遠距交易中消費之保護 =A study of consumer protection regarding distance contract in Macau check Full Text
林海彤 唐曉晴 2015 Master
論澳門政府採購制度 check Full Text
郭趣歡 駱偉建 2005 Master
論澳門證人保護制度及其完善 = The witness protection in Macao and its development opportunity /
戴暉樺 李哲 2019 Master
論澳門資訊權制度的完善 = A study on perfection of Macau legal system of the right to know /
陳娟娟 蔣朝陽 2018 Master

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