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澳門行政法中行政處罰行為研究 = A study on punishment by administrative act based on Macau administrative law
李寶儀 蔣朝陽 2019. Master
澳門行政公職局公共服務水準與滿意度調查研究 check Full Text
區耀輝 陳建新 2019. Master
澳門行政訴訟管轄問題研究 = A study on the jurisdiction of administrative litigation in Macao check Full Text
布家明 蔣朝陽 2020. Master
澳門行政長官的媒介形象分析 = An analysis of chief executive of Macau's media image check Full Text
陳葉冰 Chen, Huai Lin 2020. Master
澳門行政爭議仲裁制度研究 = Study on arbitration of administrative disputes of Macao check Full Text
郭邵文 何慶文 2020. Master
澳門行政主導體制與憲法學權力監督之關係 = The relationship between executive-led system of Macao SAR and checks and balances of constitutional law check Full Text
梁惠玲 汪超 2015. Master
澳門性犯罪的立法, 改革及發展 = The legislation, reform and development of sexual crimes in Macau check Full Text
裴先達 邱庭彪 2019. Master
澳門性工作 : 政策及制度研究 check Full Text
陳露 蔡幸強 2015. Master
澳門學齡前兒童家庭語言規劃研究 = A Study on the family language planning of preschool children in Macao check Full Text
李佳燁 徐大明 2017. Master
鄭翠萍 施達明 2007. Master
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