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Effects of a signing intervention on language and social development : a case study conducted in Macao
Lo, Ka Pou Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2010. Master
Effects and mechanisms of baicalein-induced auophagy in cancer cells and non-cancer cells
王雅芳 Lu, Jin Jian 2015. Master
Effectiveness of Web page archiving methods check Full Text
Huang, Ya Jun 2015. Master
Effectiveness of promotional campaign through social media in Mainland China food and beverage industry : an exploratory study check Full Text
Che, Pui Pui So, Siu Ian 2019. Master
Effectiveness of pre-editing application on subordinate units : a case study on google translate engine check Full Text
Liang, Zi Ming Venkatesan, Hari 2017. Master
Effectiveness of money supply as the intermediate target of monetary policy check Full Text
Liu, Jing Ru Ho, Wai Hong 2017. Master
Effectiveness of explicit deductive, implicit inductive and explicit inductive approaches in teaching English passive voice in Macao secondary EFL classrooms check Full Text
Ao Ieong, In Chon Gan, Zheng Dong 2019. Master
Effective methods for teaching the Holocaust through literature to primary students in Macao regardless of religion, age, and language ability check Full Text
Lou, Kim Man Timmermans, Glenn Henry 2015. Master
Effective heart sound segmentation and classification using deep neural networks for valvular heart disease diagnosis check Full Text
Fan, Shao Can Vai, Mang I 2020. Master
Effective data-mining approaches on small data, distributed data and incremental data
Liu, Peng Vong, Chi Man 2023. Doctoral
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