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Performance analysis and optimal design for spatially correlated massive MIMO systems /
Zhang, Huan Ma, Shao Dan 2022. Doctoral
Polymer/carbon nanotube thermoelectric composites and their flexible devices /
Liang, Li Rong Sun, Guo Xing 2022. Doctoral
Pharmacological evaluation of Danshen and Sanqi on inflammatory bowel disease /
Luo, Hua 王一濤 2022. Doctoral
Party autonomy in Choice of court under Chinese inter-regional conflict of laws /
Huang, Ze Yu 涂廣建 2022. Doctoral
Political meritocracy in China : understanding the political selection of provincial elites /
Yu, Ming Hui Wu, Xiang Ning 2022. Doctoral
Presentationality beyond presence : a pragmatic account of perceptual non-neutrality /
Valle, Veronica Dolcini, Nevia 2022. Doctoral
Percepção de sons consonânticos oclusivos do português europeu por aprendentes chineses com diferentes níveis de proficiência em língua portuguesa = Perception of European Portuguese occlusive consonant sounds by Chinese learners with different levels of Portuguese language proficiency /
Li, Pan Nunes, Ana Margarida Belém 2022. Doctoral
Psychiatric sequelae, COVID-19-related stigma, and willingness of COVID-19 vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic in China /
Liu, Zi Han Xiang Yu Tao 2022. Doctoral
Performance prediction and enhancement of the new floating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) / check Full Text
Sun, Xue Jing Li, Zongjin 2021. Doctoral
Personal data protection and related legislation in China : the implications for international trade law / check Full Text
Dai, Yi Han Neuwirth Rostam J. 2019. Doctoral

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