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Metal injection molding of titanium and its composites / check Full Text
Ye, Shu Long Kwok, Chi Tat 2020. Doctoral
Metabolic imaging of activated macrophages using two-photon fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy / check Full Text
Li, Yue Liu, Tzu-Ming 2020. Doctoral
Mechanistic understanding of physicochemical interactions between mineral scale inhibitors and formation minerals : impact on inhibitor sorption and transport behaviors / check Full Text
Liu, Yuan Zhang, Ping 2022. Doctoral
Metaheuristic algorithms based path planning and actuation design with application to autonomous underwater vechicles / check Full Text
Duan, Kai Rong Fong, Chi Chiu 2021. Doctoral
Multi-resonance spectroscopy of superconducting qubits / check Full Text
Zhang, Yan Ian, Hou 2021. Doctoral
Mechanisim of IĸB protein Bcl3 in regulating NF-ĸB p52 transcriptional activity / check Full Text
Deng, Li Mei Wang, Ya-Fan 2022. Doctoral
MXene-based materials for energy conversion / storage and device applications : a first-principles study / check Full Text
Shao, Yang Fan Pan Hui 2020. Doctoral
Mental health help-seeking barriers and preferences among Chinese population / check Full Text
Shi, Wei Hall, Brian James 2020. Doctoral
Metacognitive experience and celebrity endorsement : fluency enhances brand evaluation but disfluency improves brand recall / check Full Text
Liu, Yongdan Liu, Ting Chi 2020. Doctoral
Metal-phenolic networks-based nanomedicine aims at immune activation for combinational cancer treatment / check Full Text
Zhang, Zhan Dai, Yun Lu 2022. Doctoral

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