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Physical access control with smart intrusion tracking and hunting agent based on smart card technology
Leong, Antonio Fong, Chi Chiu 2005. Master
Prediction and validation of imbalanced online shoppers' purchase intention using pairwise shadow learning model check Full Text
Huang, Jing Heng Fong, Chi Chiu 2022. Master
Perceptions regarding ELT at the tertiary level in Mainland, China
Chen, Pei Feng, Qing Hua 2003. Master
PFAH(LIT-P) 000 (SAMPLE) Esquema teórico sustentável da tradução jurídica bilíngue baseado num estudo sobre a tradução da legislação da acção social da região administrativa especial de Macau = Sustainable theoretical framework of bilingual legal translation based on a study on the translation of social welfare legislation of Macao special administrative region
Lu, Chi Seng Espadinha, Maria Antónia 2018. Doctoral
Parameter-splitting perturbation methods for the solutions of strongly nonlinear dynamical systems check Full Text
Du, Hai En Er, Guo Kang 2020. Doctoral
Prelude to the Opium war, the activities and relations of the British and Americans in Macau 1795-1840 check Full Text
Lu, Bing Hua Ehrlich, Joshua 2022. Master
PMFE 000 (SAMPLE) Collaborative English writing : a qualitative study of cognitive, motivational and self-regulated learning strategies promoting students' high-quality writing
Liu, Fang Tong Du Jian Xia 2019. Doctoral
Presentationality beyond presence : a pragmatic account of perceptual non-neutrality check Full Text
Valle, Veronica Dolcini, Nevia 2022. Doctoral
Pricing weather derivatives under mean reverting jump process check Full Text
Cao, Zhi Jie Ding, Deng 2015. Master
Pricing discretely monitored barrier options via a fast and accurate FFT-based method check Full Text
Weng, Zuo Qiu Ding, Deng 2010. Master
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