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heterogeneidade no processo interpretativo de uma peça publicitaria :algumas implicacoes para o ensino-aprendizagem de leitura em lingua estrangeira check Full Text
Chen, Chen Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2016 Master
High technology and Macau industrial transformation check Full Text
Chang, Mary Yabut Nasol, Ramon Lino 1997 Master
Hybrid-spatial transformer for image captioning /
Zheng, Jin Cheng Pun, Chi Man 2022. Master
Hand gesture feature analysis and recognition using object tracking approaches check Full Text
Zhu, Hong Min, Pun, Chi Man 2014 Doctoral
Hierarchical image segmentation via efficient image decomposition and texture characterization based region merging /
An Ning Yu Pun, Chi Man 2014 Doctoral
Hand-crafted and deep learning schemes for copy-move forgery detection / check Full Text
Zhong, Jun Liu Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
Helmholtz resonant effect on air-coupled CMUTs check Full Text
Liu, Xin Pun, Sio Hang 2017 Master
The Hardy spaces on torus check Full Text
Ho, Ieng Chon Qian, Tao 2017 Master
Hilbert transform characterization of boundary values of H2 functions check Full Text
Guan, Li Min, Qian, Tao 2005 Master
Harmonization of the enforcement of international commercial conciliated settlement agreements and enforceability in China / check Full Text
Liang, Jiao Yang Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2020. Master

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