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Internal control opinion shopping at partner level : evidence from China check Full Text
Guo, Ying Jie Zhang, Xu 2019. Master
Improving the outlier detection algorithm from multivariate data stream check Full Text
Han, Dong Fong, Chi Chiu 2015. Master
Insight into the dissolution molecular mechanism of ternary solid dispersions by combined experiments and molecular simulations check Full Text
Han, Run Ouyang, De Fang 2018. Master
Investor education, earnings persistence, and stock price informativeness about future earnings check Full Text
Han, Yao Zhang, Xu 2014. Master
Image modeling and manipulation based on texture analysis and synthesis check Full Text
Hao, Chuan Yan Wu, Enhua 2015. Doctoral
Image completion based on texture regularity and texture synthesis
Hao, Chuan Yan Wu, Enhua 2008. Master
Integrated analysis of ovarian cancer : implications on tissue origin, hormone therapy and immunotherapy check Full Text
Hao, Da Peng Di Li Jun 2018. Doctoral
Inversão de papéis e co-construção de conhecimento em salas de aula de ple em Macau check Full Text
Hao, Jian Xiong Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2017. Master
Investigating predictive factors of Chinese young people's attitudes towards transsexual men check Full Text
He, Chu Ting Ching, Ho Hong 2022. Master
Identification of bulbocodin D and C as novel STAT3 inhibitors and their anticancer effects in cancer cells
He, Xin Yu Lu, Jin Jian 2023. Master
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