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Gender differences in Chinese hotel guests' coping strategies /
Lei Sok I Lam, Chee Shiong 2018 Master
Gravity current around circular cylinder check Full Text
Leong, Chi Seng Mok, Kai Meng 2010 Master
The German policy on refugee crisis in Europe : A two-level game analysis /
Li Wei Yi Song, Weiqing, 1969- 2018 Master
Genome-wide characterization of AreA function and regulation in Aspergillus nidulans / check Full Text
Li, Ang Wong, Koon Ho 2020. Doctoral
Gabor and scattering transform for urine sediment texture analysis check Full Text
Li, Chun Li Tang, Yuan Yan, 1943- 2016 Master
Global patent landscape of delivery technologies for small interference RNA drugs / check Full Text
Li, Fei 胡元佳 2021. Master
Graph-based optimization for salient object detection check Full Text
Li, Hong Wu, Enhua 2017 Doctoral
Government control, nature of shareholders and investment efficiency in Chinese listed companies check Full Text
Li, Xiao Hu Lee, Byung Hee 2012 Master
Gender imbalance in primary school EFL textbooks used on China's Mainland check Full Text
Liang, Meng Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2015 Master
Globalization strategies of India pharmaceutical industry check Full Text
Lin, Guan Yn 鄭力仁 2007 Master

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