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On translation of swearwords from English to Chinese : a case study on subtitling Terminator I-IV check Full Text
Shen, Jin Li, Jian 2011. Master
On-line video object segmentation using superpixel approach check Full Text
Huang, Guo Heng Pun, Chi Man 2016. Doctoral
On-road directional trajectory prediction by junction-based spatio-temporal pattern mining from GPS data check Full Text
Jia, Cong Mao Fong, Chi Chiu 2014. Master
One dimensional embedding framework and its application to hyperspectral image classification check Full Text
Luo, Hui Wu Tang Yuan Yan 2017. Doctoral
One sample based feature learning and its application to object identification check Full Text
Yang, Xu Tang Yuan Yan 2018. Master
Online 3D household products and fitting room design and development check Full Text
Yang, Yang 張立明 2015. Master
Online classification methods for imbalance and multi-label data check Full Text
Du, Jie Vong, Chi Man 2019. Doctoral
Online comment text mining of fresh e-commerce platform
Li, Heng 2022. Master
Online dispute resolution in Mainland China : from the perspective of cross-border e-commerce check Full Text
Li, Xin Yi 涂廣建 2019. Master
Online games and cultural globalization : a study of the MOBA games : LOL and HOK check Full Text
Ye, Ming Xi 李展鵬 2021. Master
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