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On translation of cultural words : a case study of classical Chinese texts of Macao Museum of Art

English Abstract

There have been quite a lot of studies of translation of Chinese cultural words; yet studies on translation of classical Chinese text into modern English have mainly dealt with literature; as for the studies on the translation of materials published in Macao from the perspective of cultural difference, the text is all written in modern Chinese. Indeed, contemporary text is seldom written in classical Chinese nowadays. In this study, the material being analyzed is sourced from the publication of Macao Museum of Art, namely prefaces of introductory texts to seven exhibitions held by the museum. All of them are classical Chinese texts written in the modern time from 2009 to 2013. These local classical Chinese texts are analyzed to find out which types of cultural words they are loaded with, how these cultural words are translated by the translation house of Macao Museum of Art and whether cultural words of the same categories are translated with the same procedures. It is hoped that the study can help to draw useful lessons for future practice in translation of cultural words.

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Vong, Angela Mericia


Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Department of English




Translating and interpreting

Chinese language -- Translations into English


Venkatesan, Hari

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