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Exploring high school students' disciplinary science identities and their identity formation
Chen, Si Tong 魏冰 2022. Doctoral
Exploring immune responses of an Oligo-Glucomannan fraction in the spleen
Li, Yu Wei 王春明 2023. Master
Exploring impulse buying in live stream shopping : a balanced framework check Full Text
Gao, Ming Liu, Ting Chi 2023. Doctoral
Exploring Instagram usage patterns among young adults in Macau : a comparative analysis of Story vs. Feed engagement
Lao, Ka Choi Li, Xiao Qin 2023. Master
Exploring intrinsic motivation as a mediator between student's science self-efficacy and performance in PISA 2015 : a comparison of four Chinese economies check Full Text
Wei, Xun Rong 張國祥 2022. Master
Exploring language learning motivation among Macau primary learners check Full Text
Leong, In Leng Wallace, Matthew 2019. Master
Exploring master's students' academic literacy socialization through individual networks of practice at a University in Macau : a case study check Full Text
Ye, Yi Le Yu, Shu Lin 2023. Master
Exploring mental health profiles of Mainland Chinese migrant postgraduates at University of Macau check Full Text
Dong, Ya Ting Bernardo, Allan B. I. 2014. Master
Exploring NQO1-mediated non-apoptotic cell death in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) check Full Text
Hou, Ying 陳修平 2022. Doctoral
Exploring off-balanced trilateral relations between Beijing-Washington-Canberra : Australia's hard choice check Full Text
Wei, Lai You Ji 2019. Master
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