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Deep learning based intelligent tumour analytics for quantitative prognosis grading and analyzing cancer metastasis : case of lymph node breast cancer
Li, Teng Yue Fong, Chi Chiu 2023. Doctoral
Deep learning for pharmaceutical formulation prediction check Full Text
Ye, Zhu Yi Fan Ouyang, De Fang 2018. Master
Deep learning for semantic understanding : from 2D images to 3D point clouds check Full Text
Wong, Chi Chong Vong, Chi Man 2021. Doctoral
Deep learning in medical image analysis : a trend of future clinical medicine check Full Text
Zhang, Li Zhang, Yi Bo 2020. Master
Deep learning-based denoising for myocardial perfusion SPECT check Full Text
Sun, Jing Zhang Mok, Seng Peng 2022. Doctoral
Deep low-resource neural machine translation
Sun, Yan Ming Wong, Fai 2023. Master
Defining Chu religion : gods, ancestors and ghosts check Full Text
Hu, Qiong Wenning Mario 2020. Doctoral
Defining social media and its time displacement effect on Macao netizens' traditional media use and offline sociability
U, Ka Kit 張榮顯 2011. Master
Deglucuronidation of irinotecan metabolite SN-38G by gut microbiota from different individuals check Full Text
Hou, Ting Ting 燕茹 2020. Master
Degradation of scrap tyres by bacillus sp.–optimization of major environmental parameters and identification of potential growth substrates check Full Text
Lao, Weng Chon Shim, Hojae 2018. Master
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