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A comparative analysis of corporate social disclosure of two Macao gaming operators check Full Text
Wong, Im Na Noronha, Carlos 2020. Master
A comparative analysis of global environmental regime-climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion check Full Text
Huang, Heng Fei Song Weiqing 2015. Master
A comparative analysis of news frames on Diaoyu Islands dispute among three Chinese TV stations check Full Text
Zhao, Xiao Xi Chen, Huai Lin 2013. Master
A comparative case study of carbon reporting practices in the construction industries of China and Japan check Full Text
Ma, Li Noronha, Carlos 2017. Master
A comparative case study of CSR in the video game industry of China and Japan : Tencent and Nintendo check Full Text
Sun, Rong Noronha, Carlos 2020. Master
A comparative experimental study of battery efficiency with different charge models and charge rates for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries check Full Text
Huang, Yu Hao Su, Yan 2020. Master
A comparative multimodal discourse analysis of Chinese and English print public service advertisements check Full Text
Hao, Ye Pang, Kam Yiu 2020. Master
A comparative research on the legal liability for overtreatment in Mainland China and Macao check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Wen 涂廣建 2021. Master
A comparative review study of risk factors and physical activities related to heart disease check Full Text
Huang, Wen Li Chang, Wen Yu 2018. Master
A comparative study of 8-phase feedforward coupling ring VCOs check Full Text
Sun, Iat Fai Yin, Jun 2018. Master
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