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A comparative analysis of news frames on Diaoyu Islands dispute among three Chinese TV stations

English Abstract

Through a content analysis, this thesis applies frame analysis theory to identify, evaluate, and compare news frames and patterns that underlie the coverage of the Diaoyu islands dispute in 2012 among three influential TV media outlets, Phoenix TV, ATV (Asia Television), and CCTV (China Central Television), in order to test and develop perspective of framing analysis in the environment with multi-media system. The results show that the amount and content of report on the Diaoyu islands dispute in three TV stations is largely different. CCTV has the least compared with the other two, and the main content is the statement or attitude of the Chinese government officials. However, Phoenix TV and ATV have more reports on this issue, and they pay more attention to the development of the Diaoyu islands dispute. The news sources of Phoenix TV are more diversified among the three TV media. Moreover, the news frames of the three media on the Diaoyu islands dispute have significant disparity, due to their different media ownerships, backgrounds, and market positioning. Serving as the most influential state mouthpiece, CCTV is more likely to adopt frame of Moral and Justice Conflict than Phoenix TV and ATV. However, as commercial media, Phoenix TV which has a good rapport with Chinese government is more likely to adopt frame of Countries’ Political Gaming frame, while the frame of Violent Conflict frame is more likely to be seen in the market-driven ATV.

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Zhao, Xiao Xi


Faculty of Social Sciences


Department of Communication




Television broadcasting -- China

Mass media and public opinion -- China

Senkaku Islands -- In mass media


Chen, Huai Lin

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