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Arbitration clauses and their design in standard form contracts check Full Text
Zhong, Hao Jun Simões, Fernando Dias 2017. Master
Arbitration enforcement on regional judicial arrangement in China and its SARs : international and comparative perspective
Meng, Lu 汪超 2017. Master
Architecture as communication : an analysis of The Venetian Macao check Full Text
Kuok, Un Pui Schirato, Tony 2016. Master
Ardisiacrispin a inhibits autophagy and enhances the anticancer activity of cisplatin in breast cancer cells = 百兩金皂苷A抑制自噬及增强順鉑抗乳腺癌活性
Hassan, Ahmed Mostafa Ibrahim Abdelrahman 何承偉 2023. Master
Are CEOs paid better or worse in a sin industry : evidence from Wynn Macau Ltd. check Full Text
Chen, Jie Liu, Ming 2018. Master
Are convertible bonds less underpriced in China after the implementation of the revised measures for the administration of the offering and underwriting of securities in 2017 check Full Text
Lao, Ka Hong Lai, Neng 2021. Master
Are direct real estate market and real estate stocks related? : a cointegration test in China check Full Text
Li, Ang Lai, Neng 2018. Master
Are more educated officials less corrupt? : evidence from China's Secretaries of Municipal Party Committees check Full Text
Du, Xin Wang Jianwei 2019. Master
Are regulators really managing share market crashes? check Full Text
Xu, Fan Choong, Kwee Keong 2016. Master
Are risk aversion and time impatience related to academic performance? : an experimental study of students in Macau check Full Text
Jin, Wei Zheng, Ming Li 2013. Master
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