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General purpose bioelectric signals acquisition platform combining FPGA and FPAA = 結合FPGA及FPAA的通用生物電信號採集平台 check Full Text
Mou, Pedro Antonio Vai, Mang I 2010 Master
General public's use of social media by Macao Transportation Bureau: a survey study / check Full Text
Ho, Cheng Ian Chen, Ni 2021. Master
Gene environment interaction in formation of delinquent peer check Full Text
Gao, Yuan Cai, Tian Ji 2018 Master
Gendered self-presentation on social media :a content analysis of Sina Weibo from Chinese Olympic Athletes check Full Text
Ma, Xiao Min 吳玫 2017 Master
Gender ideology in China : how Chinese Internet users describe female politicians on Zhihu / check Full Text
Bao, Sheng Min Lee, Tien-Tsung 2021. Master
Gender-related differential item functioning analysis on the GEPT-kids check Full Text
Chen, Dong Qi, Kayla Kunnan, Antony John 2018 Master
Gender politics and contemporary Chinese film : a comparative study of four film versions of the Butterfly Lovers' story /
Zhang Yuan Schirato, Tony 2016 Doctoral
The gender income gap of urban China in 2002 and 2008 /
Chen Lu Zheng, Ming Li 2017 Master
Gender imbalance in primary school EFL textbooks used on China's Mainland check Full Text
Liang, Meng Wilhelm, Kim Hughes 2015 Master
Gender diversity and firm financial performance :evidence from Hong Kong and China check Full Text
Sam, Kit Ian Lei, Cheuk Hung 2014 Master

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