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General purpose bioelectric signals acquisition platform combining FPGA and FPAA = 結合FPGA及FPAA的通用生物電信號採集平台

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Today, increasing number of people is caring their health more frequent. And, as a result, this leads to more research and development on processing and analyzing bioelectric signals. Nowadays, whenever a new algorithm or method is proposed, verifications usually need hardware dependent systems to be built. Also, there is no common platform available for researchers to perform quick iterative trials. In this research, a novel concept for a general purpose bioelectric signals acquisition platform combining FPGA and FPAA is proposed. This platform is designed in a modular architecture with an adaptive analog frontend. The platform can accept new modules for system functions or data processing algorithms to achieve a simple, adaptive and flexible platform for testing and evaluation of different algorithms. A demonstrative prototype is also built with certain basic system functions and a simple real time ECG QRS detection module migrated onto it. The demonstrative prototype helped to prove this new concept workable by providing satisfactory results on different bioelectric signals. This platform can provide researchers easiness to testify the validity of their various new algorithms/methods or directly to migrate ones’ research into production in timely manner.

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Mou, Pedro Antonio


Faculty of Science and Technology


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering




Biomedical engineering

Signal processing


Vai, Mang I

Mak, Peng Un

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