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Research and development of Anti-Parkinson's drugs : an analysis based on patents and citations check Full Text
Qu, Jing Wen 胡元佳 2019. Master
Research and development of Bao Yuan Decoction based on a multivariate data analysis model check Full Text
Chen, Wei Jie 王一濤 2022. Doctoral
Research and development of TNFR2-targeting agents : a patent-based analysis
Zhang, Ye Xuan 胡元佳 2023. Master
Research and development of traditional Chinese classical prescription Huangqi Guizhi Wuwu Decoction based on chemical analysis, quality evaluation and pharmacodynamics
Jiang, Mao Yuan Li, Peng 2024. Doctoral
Research and development on deep perception of heterogeneous 3D data for intelligent robot check Full Text
Tang, Lu Lu Yang, Zhi Xin 2021. Doctoral
Research and implementation of Chinese segmentation algorithms and its application to Chinese-Portuguese machine translation system
Leong, Ka Seng Li, Yi Ping 2008. Master
Research and realization on virtual roaming based 3D scene construction of ancient architectures check Full Text
Shi, Ming Hao Guo, Jing Zhi 2016. Master
Research in self-efficacy, decision balance and students' development in physical activity check Full Text
Zhao, Yi 何敬恩 2021. Master
Research of jogging and stress perception in youth with different personalities
Wang, Yue Tian 何敬恩 2023. Master
Research of Macau football cultural identity on self-efficacy development and healing effect of anxiety in young adults check Full Text
Hou, Lei 何敬恩 2023. Master
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