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Research and realization on virtual roaming based 3D scene construction of ancient architectures

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The measurement of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) output by exciting the signal generator with a high precision input signal allows the determination of ADC’s static characteristics using a histogram-based approach. However, this method defined by the IEEE standard 1241-2010 [1] exhibits some limitations imposed by the input signal, including its high resolution and high linearity that are causes for concern when testing a high precision ADC. Recent research work has been trying to overcome such limitations. Nonetheless, it is necessary to discover a simple and low-cost method to measure the linearity of a high precision ADC through a low precision stimulus. This thesis introduces a novel procedure that allows the relaxation of the requirements of the signal source for estimating ADC’s linearity characteristics. The proposed method requires two sets of testing sources, being both ramp signals, one of low-precision and the other attenuated. Simulated and experimental results validate the proposed method in different ADCs. In addition, this thesis describes an automated test system for ADC combining various instruments controlled by LabVIEW, to implement standard-based real-time measurement which accurately characterizes the statistical and dynamic performances. Moreover, the proposed system provides an automated input parameter sweep-function, which realizes the ADC intelligent automation test with different input settings. We describe in detail the hardware arrangement and software programming, as well as the experimental testing of real ADCs, to demonstrate system’s performance. Both of these measurement techniques aim to test ADC in a quick and cost-efficient way.

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Shi, Ming Hao


Faculty of Science and Technology




Roaming (Telecommunication)


Guo, Jing Zhi

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