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Zebrafish as a visual and dynamic model to assess the biofate of nanosized drug delivery systems check Full Text
Li, Ye Zheng, Ying 2017. Doctoral
Tetramethylpyrazine analogue T-006 exerts neuroprotective effects in the multiple experimental models of Parkinson’s disease check Full Text
Zhou, He Feng Lee, Ming-Yuen 2018. Doctoral
ζ1 penalized methods in high-dimensional regressions and its theoretical properties check Full Text
Xie, Fang Xu, Li Hu 2018. Doctoral
Exposure and health assessment in workers manufacturing cerium and lanthanum oxide ultrafine and nanoparticles check Full Text
Li, Yan 卞鷹 2017. Doctoral
The effects and mechanisms of autophagy regulators in non-small cell lung cancer therapy check Full Text
Tang, Zheng Hai Lu, Jin Jian 2017. Doctoral
常州普通話變體的音糸研究 check Full Text
張律 侍建國 2018. Doctoral
The inhibitory effects and mechanisms of tanshinones on endothelial adhesion molecules expression check Full Text
Zhao, Wen Wen 陳修平 2016. Doctoral
Collapsing limits of the continuity method on Calabi-Yau fibrations check Full Text
Zhang, Ya Shan Chen, Yang 2017. Doctoral
Reversible data hiding technologies for encrypted images check Full Text
Yi, Shuang Zhou, Yi Cong 2018. Doctoral
Noise level estimation from single image based on natural image statistics check Full Text
Dong, Li Zhou, Jian Tao 2018. Doctoral
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