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Power elites and their organisation in a changing society : the case of the Hong Kong Jockey Club / check Full Text
Lai, Pui Chi Ngo Tak-Wing 2021. Doctoral
Function of DHX33 in promoting Warburg effect and regulation of DHX33 by GSK-3β / check Full Text
Peng, Cheng Deng, Chu Xia 2021. Doctoral
Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) activation promotes the development of triple-negative mammary tumors and identifies molecular drivers using sleeping beauty mouse models / check Full Text
Lei, Hai Peng Deng, Chu Xia 2021. Doctoral
Hafnium-based metal-phenolic networks for combinational cancer radio-immunotherapy / check Full Text
Sang, Wei Dai, Yun Lu 2021. Doctoral
Structural investigation into the regulation of F-actin dynamics in focal adhesions / check Full Text
Yang, Hai Bin Wong, Garry 2021. Doctoral
Desmosomal proteins of DSC2 and PKP1 promote cancer cells survival and metastasis by increasing cluster formation in circulatory system / check Full Text
LI, Kou Kou Luo, Qian 2021. Doctoral
The functional significance of EED phosphorylation on threonine 55 / check Full Text
Li, Zheng Feng Li, Gang 2021. Doctoral
PIWI-interacting RNAs regulate pathogenesis in Lewy body disease models of caenorhabditis elegans / check Full Text
Huang, Xiao Bing Wong, Garry 2021. Doctoral
Discovery of bacterial β-glucuronidase inhibitors to attenuate irinotecan toxicity / check Full Text
Wang, Pan Pan 燕茹 2021. Doctoral
Stability, bioactivity and metabolism of EGCG in cell culture medium / check Full Text
Wang, Ming Long Wang Sheng Peng 2021. Doctoral

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