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How does mini-C creativity affect employee's well-being and ego depletion in the workplace : the mediating role of positive affect and self-esteem / check Full Text
Na, Mu Han Lam, Long Wai 2018. Master
Herding and trading volume / check Full Text
Lan, Qing Qing Lai, Neng 2011. Master
Herding and momentum in U.S. housing market / check Full Text
Yang, Rong Zhu Lai, Neng 2012. Master
Human rights policies of foreign capital companies of China / check Full Text
Cai, Ying Chen, Ding Ding 2011. Master
Healthy sleep pattern of Macao's college students : application of the theory of planned behavior / check Full Text
Lao, Chan Fong Wu, Anise M. S. 2012. Master
Help seeking attitudes and intentions in career counseling : the roles of masculinity and self-stigma / check Full Text
Liu, Min Ching, Ho Hong 2019. Master
Hilbert-Huang Transform and its application in biomedical signals = 希爾伯特變換及其在生物信號中的應用 / check Full Text
Pan, Na Chen, Wei Ji 2008. Master
Hierarchical classification of web pages / check Full Text
Wang, Yi Gong, Zhi Guo 2008. Master
How the EU deals with the conflict between China and the US? / check Full Text
Zhou, Qian Yu You Ji 2019. Master
How the responsibility to protect was endorsed and implemented in Africa : based on the framework of norm localization / check Full Text
Wang, Pei Yu Hall Rodney Bruce 2019. Master

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