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Proparoxítonas no português de São Tomé e Príncipe / check Full Text
Wu, Xin Ya Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de 2021. Master
Produção oral de "I", "n" e "r" por falantes Macaenses nativos de cantonês a aprender português : um estudo experimental / check Full Text
Ding, Yu Bing Araujo, Gabriel Antunes de 2021. Master
Preparacao do interprete de simultanea para os julgamentos de processos-crime no Tribunal Judicial de Base check Full Text
Chen, Julia Baxter, Alan Norman 2009 Master
Political legitimacy and trust in the police : a comparison of mainland China and Taiwan /
Ma Yong Chao Cai, Tian Ji 2019 Master
Perceived appropriateness and ability to engage in cognitive and emotional deception in China - Macau check Full Text
Ng, Tsz Shing Chan, Sow Hup 2008 Master
Profile the e-WOM communication pattern of brand microblogging with COBRtypology check Full Text
Zhao, Xin Chang, Wen Yu 2014 Master
Panax natoginseng protects against diabetes-associated endothelial dysfunction : comparison between ethanolic extract and total saponins / check Full Text
Zhang, Xu Tao Cheang, Wai San 2021. Master
Perceived needs and attachments of netizens toward : a model for understanding the sustainability of a special interest online forum in Macao /
Chong U Leng Chen, Huai Lin 2010 Master
Political bias in the news coverage of the Macao Assembly Election 2005 : analysis of three local newspapers check Full Text
Cheong, Wai Kam Chen, Huai Lin 2007 Master
Proximity matrix and its applications check Full Text
Li, Jin Bo Chen, Long 2013 Master

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