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Understanding the impacts of emotional responses to teacher feedback on secondary students' L2 writing performance check Full Text
Zhang, Xin Lei Yu, Shu Lin 2023. Master
University students' acceptance and experiences of using mobile apps to develop intercultural competence check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Tian Zhou, Ming Ming 2023. Doctoral
Understanding Chinese hip-hop feminism through girls like us
Zhang, Kai Lan Liu Shih Diing 2022. Master
Uso do artigo em português por aprendentes de língua materna chinesa
Zhang, Jing Grosso, Maria José 2007. Master
U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy : offshore balancing toward the rise of China check Full Text
Yuen, Chun Chau Song Weiqing 2020. Master
Understanding the professional identity changes of early career English language teachers (ECELTs) in Macau : a case study check Full Text
Yuan, Kai Hao Yu, Shu Lin 2019. Master
Understanding customer response to robot service recovery
Yu, Jing Liu, Xiao Ming 2023. Doctoral
Understanding the role of information literacy in academic writing in higher education
Yu, Cheng Yuan Zhao, Guan Fang 2023. Doctoral
Ultra-low-voltage analog and RF circuit techniques for short-range wireless radios in energy-harvesting scenario check Full Text
Yi, Hai Dong Mak, Pui-In 2019. Doctoral
Understanding teachers' beliefs and practices towards English drama check Full Text
Yang, Shu Yu 王燕 2020. Master
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