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Intelligent system based facility monitoring and fault diagnosis of power generators check Full Text
Zhong, Jian Hua Yang, Zhi Xin 2011. Master
Implementing collaborative writing in L2 classrooms : an ethnographic case study of Chinese tertiary EFL teachers from an activity theory perspective check Full Text
Zheng, Yao Yu, Shu Lin 2020. Doctoral
Investigation on the photoluminescence mechanism among multicolored carbon dots check Full Text
Zhao, Yun Yang Qu, Song Nan 2021. Doctoral
Influence of opinion leaders in Weibo : social networks analyisis in the case of "Nanny's Arson in Hangzhou" check Full Text
Zhao, Yue Hui 吳玫 2018. Master
Isolation of glycoside compounds from Pulsatilla chinensis and their bioactivities check Full Text
Zhao, Yu Xin 何承偉 2022. Master
Investor sentiment and China's A-share stock market returns check Full Text
Zhao, Yi Wei Qian, Xiao Lin 2012. Master
Investigation of molecular mechanism of cyclodextrin solubilization and development of a predictive model with machine learning techniques check Full Text
Zhao, Qian Qian 王一濤 2018. Doctoral
Interpersonal neural synchronization during social interactions among close relationships
Zhao, Qi 池培蓮 2023. Doctoral
Intracellular self-aggregation of gold nanocages for enhanced chemotherapy and photothermal therapy of breast cancer
Zhao, Hui Chao Wang, Rui Bing 2023. Master
Is economic policy uncertainty priced in the cross-section of Chinese stock returns? check Full Text
Zhang, Zi Han 2020. Master
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