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Norm inequalities for a matrix product analogous to the commutator
Lok, Io Kei Cheng, Che Man 2010. Master
Norm inequalities for commutators
Fong, Kin Sio Cheng, Che Man 2010. Master
Normal systems of modal logic
Chou, Soi Ngan, Loureiro, Maria Isabel do Carmo de Almeida 2000. Master
Norms and translators' subjectivity : on two translations of The Great Gatsby check Full Text
Zhao, Ying Yan Wang, Xian 2015. Master
Northern Wei and Xiao Qi during the period of Emperor Xiaowen's four Southern expeditions check Full Text
Zhu, Xiao Ling 李憑 2016. Master
Nostalgia and place : Pai Hsien-yung’s self-translation of Taipei People check Full Text
Cao, Qi Lin Sun Yifeng 2020. Master
Novato ou experiente : especificando a categoria “Examinando”na fase de preparação de experimentos neurocientíficos cognitivos
Wen, Zhi Xian Moutinho Rodrigues da Silva, Ricardo 2022. Master
Novel danshensu derivatives prevent doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity and enhance its chemotherapeutic efficacy in breast check Full Text
Wang, Liang 張慶文 2016. Doctoral
Novel data mining methodologies for medical data processing and application on i+diagnostic workbench
Chao, Sam Li, Yi Ping 2008. Doctoral
Novel design of highly oriented titanate-based nanorod array and its application in nanocomposite capacitors check Full Text
Yao, Ling Min 程海東 2017. Doctoral
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