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impact analysis with different main entity levels of knowledge transformation and organizational performance check Full Text
Ma, Chao Chen, Xiao Yun 2011 Master
Impact of corporate governance on market valuation : empirical evidence in China / check Full Text
Au, Hoi Kei 2020. Master
Impact of financial crime related news on bank's stock price performance : an event study on banks listed in US stock market /
Kuok, San Hong 2021. Master
Impact of financial development on the FDI technology spillovers in China / check Full Text
Huang, Tao Zheng, Ming Li 2017. Master
impact of a growing number of female public relations agency owners on public relations industry in Macau check Full Text
Vong, Sonia Chen, Yi Ru 2007 Master
Impact of advance preparation on cognitive load and performance in simultaneous interpretation : an empirical study of medical interpreting /
Leong Weng Si Lei, Lai Cheng 2019 Master
The impact of affiliation with listed companies on firm financial leverage :evidence from China check Full Text
Li, Hai Tam, Hon Keung 2017 Master
The impact of audit committee members' background on firm performance : evidence from gaming companies in the US and Macau /
Hu Shu Chun Law, Kin Fun, Dr 2018 Master
The impact of board gender diversity on firm performance : Evidence from Chinese listed companies check Full Text
Io, Chou Kei Charlie Jun 2016 Master
Impact of business risk-based audit approach on auditors' behavior check Full Text
Tchiang, Sin U 2016 Master

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