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Cross-domain sentiment analysis based on replacing domain's keywords to generate training data check Full Text
Chen, Jin Rong Fong, Chi Chiu 2022. Master
Cross-listed shares in Hong Kong and Mainland China stock markets : time series evidence
Hong, Fang Zheng, Ming Li 2010. Master
Crossover as a development model for the heritage district of Beishan village in Zhuhai check Full Text
Zhang, Nai Jia Li, Ying 2021. Master
Crowd-based social production : the case of crowdfunding in China check Full Text
Zheng, Qi Liu Shih Diing 2016. Master
Crowdsourcing object ranking by pairwise comparisons check Full Text
Li, Yan 2015. Master
Crowdsourcing Top-k processing by prior knowledge check Full Text
Zhang, Pei U, Leong Hou 2020. Master
Cryogel-based glucomannan scaffolds and microspheres check Full Text
Zhou, Hui Qun 王春明 2020. Master
Crystal growth and characterization of Kagome magnets : from frustration to quantum spin liquid candidate check Full Text
Fu, Ying Li, Hai Feng 2021. Doctoral
Crystal growth, characterization and neutron scattering studies of frustrated SrRE2O4 (RE=rare earth) compounds check Full Text
Wu, Si Chan, Iat Neng 2022. Doctoral
CSET model for optimizing make-to-order supply chain formation
Yang, Hang Fong, Chi Chiu 2009. Master
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