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論金庸武俠小說的絕境書寫 : 以"射鵰"三部曲為例 = Research on the desperation narrative of Jin Yong's Martial Arts novels : taking the Condor Trilogy for instance check Full Text
劉天枝 朱壽桐 2018. Master
論靳以短篇小說的浪漫主義風格 = The romantic style on the short stories of Jin Yi
張明明 朱壽桐 2009. Master
論開發區行政制度的創新 : 蘇州工業園區行政制度創新案例研究
邱罡 孫君明 2004. Master
論老舍早期文藝思想 = The early literary thought of Lao She check Full Text
霍怡帆 龔剛 2019. Master
論冷凍胚胎的法律屬性及權利歸屬 : 以中國內地法為視角 = Concerning the legal attribute and the rights of ownership of the frozen embryos : from the perspective of mainland China law check Full Text
陳航斌 稅兵 2016. Master
論離婚非財產損害賠償 : 以其法律性質以及在澳門法律實踐中的狀況為中心 = Discussion of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in divorce : based on its legal nature and implementation status in Macao
張穎彤 唐曉晴 2013. Master
論李劼人文學的思想傾向 = On the literary tendency of Li Jieren check Full Text
何佳倍 朱壽桐 2015. Master
論廉政公署與檢察院偵查與控訴階段的權限衝突 = Analysis on conflicts of competence between CCAC and the Public Prosecutions Office in the investigating and accusation stage check Full Text
高穎章 邱庭彪 2015. Master
論兩岸三地的冒名著作之權利侵害 = The study on the infringement of rights for false attribution in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau check Full Text
陳雅琳 稅兵 2017. Master
論林清玄散文中的柔性美 = Analyze the "soft beauty" in Lin Qingxuan's prose
崔婷婷 龔剛 2011. Master
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