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Vibration control and genetic algorithm based design optimization on self-sensing active constrained layer damped rotating plates check Full Text
Chong, Ian Ian Wong, Pak Kin 2011. Master
Vertical drain consolidation of unsaturated soil by differential quadrature method
Tu, Shuai Zhou, Wan Huan 2013. Master
Veratramine, a novel inhibitor blocks autophagy pathway to sensitize triple-negative breast cancer to DOX-induced chemotherapy check Full Text
Zhang, Shuang 路嘉宏 2021. Master
VC backgrounds and venture success : evidence from China check Full Text
Tan, Xin Vong, Pou Iu 2014. Master
Variáveis contextuais da aprendizagem da língua portuguesa por aprendentes chineses
Rodrigues, Maria Helena Casteleiro João Malaca 1998. Master
Variation in past tense marking in L2 English in Macao
Loi, Chi Ho Baxter, Alan Norman 2004. Master
Variables affecting CDS spreads of financial institutions check Full Text
Kou, Chon Hong 2013. Master
Variable selection with the square root loss function based on Kernel methods check Full Text
Yu, Jin Jin Xu, Li Hu 2021. Master
Variable selection in data envelopment analysis check Full Text
Deng, Qiang Lian, Zhao Tong 2019. Doctoral
Vanadium-based nanostructures as high-performance catalysts for water electrolysis check Full Text
Yang, Ming Yang Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral
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