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Krylov subspace methods for matrix functions in exponential integrators and their applications check Full Text
Zhang, Lu, Sun, Hai Wei 2015. Doctoral
Knowledge, power and strategy : study on diplomatic policy towards Liao and western Xia in early northern Song dynasty check Full Text
Xiang, Chao Li, Ping 2017. Master
Knowledge, attitudes and behavioural intentions related to advance care planning among university students in Macau, Hong Kong and China check Full Text
Lok, Ka In Xiang Yu Tao 2020. Doctoral
Knowledge-based intelligent photoshot-to-translation system
Tam, Heng Wa 2005. Master
Knowledge-Based fuzzy clustering check Full Text
Guo, Li Chen, Long 2019. Doctoral
Knowledge representation : sensing the unobservables in human-learning through cognitive models check Full Text
Huo, Yu Jia Wong, Fai 2020. Doctoral
Knowledge management strategy planning for engineering in Macau check Full Text
Loi, Chan U Wong, Seng Fat 2019. Master
Knowledge management in the information age
Junior, Miguel Gomes da Costa Shaw, David S. 2001. Master
Knowledge discovery in medical diagnosis data
Zhang, Si Qi Gong, Zhi Guo 2005. Master
Knock detection in spark ignition engines based on variational mode decomposition and machine learning check Full Text
Chiu, Chi Wai Wong, Pak Kin 2019. Master
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