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Investigation of endothelial disruption induced by Aβ1-42 oligomers and evaluation of endothelial protective compounds derived from traditional Chinese medicine Ligusticum wallichii (Chuan Xiong) check Full Text
Yue, Qian Hoi, Pui Man 2019. Master
Investigation of cyclodextrin formulations by combined experimental and molecular modeling techniques check Full Text
Huang, Tian He Ouyang, De Fang 2018. Master
Investigation of block shear strength of coped beams with double-row bolted connections check Full Text
Wang, Wei Lam, Chi Chiu 2014. Master
Investigation of block shear of coped beams with welded clip angles connection
Zhong, Yan Cai Iu, Vai Pan Master
Investigation of block shear of coped beams bolted with clip angles or tee-section connection check Full Text
Seak, Ka Seng Lam, Chi Chiu 2013. Master
Investigation of a novel approach in controlling pipeline mineral scale deposition check Full Text
Zhu, Jia Yao Zhang, Ping 2021. Master
Investigation into multitasking for biomedical systems with implementation of multithreading scheme on ECG software and proposals of multiprocessing framework and FSM-based embedded system architecture
Tian, Xiao He Vai, Mang I 2022. Master
Investigating translators' positioning with the appraisal theory : a comparative study of two editorials covering "Occupying Central" check Full Text
Qian, Qiao Wang, Xian 2016. Master
Investigating the translations of automobile advertisements from the perspective of the appraisal theory check Full Text
Li, Wen Xi Lei, Lai Cheng 2015. Master
Investigating the sources of secondary schools' science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge of teaching with practical work check Full Text
Chen, Si Tong 魏冰 2017. Master

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