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Hyperspectral image denoising by total variation-regularized bilinear factorization check Full Text
Li, Jia Xue Zhou, Yi Cong 2019. Master
Hyperspectral image classification using spectral-spatial discriminant analysis and scattering transform check Full Text
Lu, Yang Tang Yuan Yan 2014. Master
Hypersialylation induces acidic tumor premissive microenvironment and promotes breast cancer metastasis check Full Text
Shu, Xiao Dong Xu, Xiaoling 2022. Doctoral
Hybrid-spatial transformer for image captioning
Zheng, Jin Cheng Pun, Chi Man 2022. Master
Hybrid supervised learning for random-positioned object detection and pattern recognition check Full Text
Wang, Bing Shu Chen, C. L. 2020. Doctoral
Hybrid segmentation on slant & skewed deformation text in natural scene images check Full Text
Fei, Xiao Lei Dong, Ming Chui 2010. Master
Hybrid removal of DEHP from artificially contaminated water using acinetobacter sp. immobilized on scrap tyres check Full Text
Chao, U Hin Shim, Hojae 2018. Master
Hybrid knowledge-based support with learning abilities
Maung, Aung Soe Paing 1997. Master
Hybrid intelligent technology based fault diagnosis system for squirrel cage induction motor
Sekar, Booma Devi Dong, Ming Chui 2007. Master
Humour and pleasures of childhood text : English and Chinese poetry for children
Kong, Sut Ieng Kelen Christopher 2010. Master
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